We make it easy to broadcast sports.

Solidsport is the largest streaming service in Scandinavia for live sports. In 2019, thousands of teams, clubs, tournaments and clubs chose to broadcast live over 45,000 matches and events via Solidsport. The simplicity of live streaming and the opportunity to make money is what has made many sports associations, clubs, tournaments and thousands of teams choose Solidsport.

The parents on the team were very tired of buying lottery tickets, sausages and more. Things that no one really needs but that everyone buys to support the team. When we then discovered Solidsport, the parents were able to buy our live games and save memories for life. Already the first season we brought in more than 500 euro to the team.

Kristin Andersson, Ingarö IF P09

Live broadcast your games

So everyone can follow you wherever they are.

Make money

Live games creates important revenue to the team.

Become a winner

Analyze afterwards and develop the game.

5 easy steps to get started.

All you need to start live streaming and make money for the team is a mobile phone, but a tablet works just as well.

1. Activate your team free of charge on solidsport.com/join

2. Download the Solidsport Broadcast app (also free of charge)

3. Invite viewers to your first live broadcast

4. Live match and charge viewers

5. Earn money for your teams next cup adventure or training camp.

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With Solidsport, everyone is the winner…

To live stream games on Solidsport is fun both for those who are broadcasting and those who watch. In addition, it provides the opportunity to analyze their matches afterwards to improve the team’s performance.

All content on Solidsport is recorded and watchable afterwards.
The video content can also be downloaded for those who broadcast.

“Do like everyone else”

Every week, lots of new teams discover the possibilities of Solidsport. Now it’s your turn to get started too.

Do you have any questions before activating your team?


This is why Solidsport is the best at live streamed sport. On all levels.

Whether your team is streaming your games live or just getting started, it’s good to have a partner with long experience when it comes to live matches. Solidsport offers not only a leading streaming platform but also dedicated customer service.

We are a reliable streaming partner

Solidsport has been working on live streaming since 2008 and handled hundreds of thousands of live sports events over the years with millions of viewers and transactions. In other words, Solidsport is a reliable choice for those who want to start live broadcasting.

Unique functionality

Create highlights live from your live broadcast with a click of a single button. Or gather all the teams in your club and create a community for all club live streams on a unique association channel. These are examples of unique functionality that your team or club gets access to free of charge at Solidsport.

Live streaming experts

We are happy to share our experiences and give tips and advice as you want to develop your live streams. We work with large and small customers, from bigger tournaments and associations to smaller teams. That with the goal of spreading the sport and generating new revenue.

Completely free of charge

Live matches on Solidsport are not only easy. It is also completely free of charge. There is therefore no financial risk in using Solidsport, while half of the revenue always goes back to the broadcasting team, club, tournament or association. What are you waiting for?

All sports. Everywhere.

Fencing, sailing, football, bandy, dance, ice hockey, floorball, Alpine, cross-country skiing, swimming, powerlifting, wrestling, boxing, pole vaulter, biathlon, marathon, long jump.
And all other sports.
From youth to Division 5. And the highest league.

Solidsport has a long and broad experience of sports at all levels. It includes lots of sports, teams, associations, federations and events over the years in both Sweden and Internationally.

Djurgårdens IF, Hammarby IF, AIK, IFK Göteborg, Malmö FF, Modo Hockey, IFK Norrköping, Real Madrid, Svenska Handbollförbundet, Svenska Basketförbundet, Svenska Pingisförbundet, Svenska Badmintonförbundet, Storvretacupen, Gothia Cup, Partille Cup to name a few.

Now we hope that we will have the privilege of working with you as well.

“Many people think it’s hard to broadcast live, but with our live streaming app Solidsport Broadcast and a leading streaming platform, Solidsport has proved the opposite. 45,000 live broadcasts were achieved in 2019 and are the main proof that we have created a simplicity in live streaming sport on all levels. Parents, supporters and relatives can now watch sports in a way that has never been before, while all clubs and teams at the same time has found a new way to create revenue and make money. The only a team has to do is start live broadcasting.

Tobias Thalbäck, CEO Solidsport

We have already paid out more than 4,000,000 EUR to our partners, which is teams, clubs and cups that live stream their games live on Solidsport.

More than 45,000 matches were live streamed via Solidsport in 2019. Now we want the opportunity to help you live stream your games on Solidsport as well.


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