How to create games on your channel

How to create games on your channel

Go into “games” section.

As an admin you have the opportunity to create games and connect live streams to the games you have created. Start by pressing the admin and then select “Games”.

Create a new game.

Once inside “Games”, you’ll see a list of all the games you have created. It is also here that you create new games. Tap “CREATE NEW GAME”.


Here you can choose the opposing team, where the game is played and when the game starts. You also fill in the number of periods/ halfs and the minute length of the period/half.

Useful tips:

Search for the teams that play against each other. If they are available to choose as an option, this means that the logos for the clubs are in our database and will be viewable as soon as the game is created. When you’re done, tap “CREATE GAME”

Activate live broadcast

Now that the game has been created, you can activate live broadcast on the game. Tap “ENABLE LIVE BROADCAST” to create your live broadcast.

Set up the live broadcast.

1. Check if the game should be broadcast on your mobile or tablet

2. Broadcast with mobile phone or tablet? Mark that option and info will be provided on how to download the Solidsport Broadcaster – the app you are streaming the games with.

3. Select whether the broadcast will start 5 or 10 minutes before the start of the match you set when you created your game.

4. “Expected Internet Connection” is important knowledge for Solidsport Support but does not matter or will have an impact to the broadcast itself.

5. Requires Payment(PPV) Set your price. 50 percent of the revenue is yours.

6. Show Scoreboard during broadcast – mark the option and select the type of scoreboard you want to use. The scoreboard is then controlled inside the Solidsport Broadcast app by the broadcaster.

When you’re done, tap “SAVE.”

Game + Live broadcast created.

Now the game and live broadcast are created. Log in to the Solidsport Broadcast app and you will be able to broadcast the game.

Viewers will find the game by visiting your channel or by download the Solidsport app.

Under the tab “games” for the visitor you can also see a overview of upcoming games.

Questions? Contact us and we’ll help you!